14 May 2007


I just remembered that I desperately need to send out a bill. I also remembered that, [in]conveniently, the stamp prices go up today.
Everybody ready for Forever?!

10 May 2007

Long Live McD's!

I just posted something but it got erased.
Long story short - I don't know why people knock McDonald's. It's perfect for a late-night snack!

01 May 2007

Rise: Blood Hunter

A non-original title for the blog but certainly one that honors the topic of the evening.

Rise: Blood Hunter is a must-see for all vampire / thriller lovers (such as myself, I suppose). The plot was not earth-shattering... but what plot is? What was important was that I left the theatre feeling as though I had consumed three espressos while being strangled. And with the blood, the violence, the blood that spilled from necks, the violence, the blood that ran down the faces and the bodies, and the gore... and the blood that would just pop out of everyone's skin... how could you not feel like that? ... I was practically choking myself with my hands to make sure that a hungry vampire did not sneak up behind me in the theatre.

Supernatural as it was-- as vampires are, I did not leave the theatre feeling (from an 11pm showing, mind you) like I feared being alone for the next three months. Movies such as The Exorcist or Stir of Echoes or even Halloween or likes were ones where you couldn't sleep right for a bit. Or didn't want to not be doing 360 turns all around all the time and inspecting all corners of your house-- particularly the window latches and doors. And checking behind the shower curtains when you get home. That's the beauty of the vampire-- dangerous and yet still a little bit comforting in their appearance.

It was perfect to have Lucy Liu in the movie. It reminded you that there was hope for the character in the storyline. It reminded you (if and when you wanted a reality check out of your slayer role ontake) that it wasn't real; a B-list or "C-list" actress would have made you question whether you were watching some psychos on the news.

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