24 February 2008

Live from the Oscars! VI

Well that was moving.

::: Can't wait to see what materializes from the Oscar partying... ::: Word is that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston might have a throw-down! "Careful B..."

Love from the Oscars! V

Diablo Cody was so nervous! I would be too if the slip went all the way up to my mimi.
(in a foreign accent): "... juno that dress is inappropriate?"

I did like the movie a lot. Great job, Ms Diablo!

Live from the Oscars! IV

Will someone please tell Colin Farrell that he has already finished filming ALEXANDER and that it has already been released on DVD?

Live from the Oscars! III

How could you not be so excited for Marion Cotillard?! Cate Blanchett jumped out of her seat! At first, I yelled at the television, "It ain't you babe-- oh no no, it ain't you babe... it ain't you they're looking for, babe..." Then I realized she was super excited FOR Marion, and I wanted to remind her that she was competing against her.

But how lovely! Aww... I love collaborative atmospheres.

Live from the Oscars! II

I wish it were 10 years ago. Because then I would be watching this and listening to Celine Dion perform that Titantic ballad instead of these retarded numbers from that movie ENCHANTED.

Live from the Oscars!

Why is it from the Kodak Theatre and not the Grauman's Chinese Theatre? Is that a racist statement?

The ceremony is just about to start and everyone seems excited. Whew! So glad they caught Hilary Swank before she walked in-- if I didn't get to see her, I wouldn't continue watching! Just kidding. She reminds me of Skeletor from He-Man and is scarier to watch than John Basedow from the weightlifting commercials:

Regis better clean up his act. It's JAVIER Bardem. Not Xavier.

21 February 2008

Sweet Sugar treat

What better way to re(re)(re)(re)-debut than to share the best link I have seen in a while?


Indeed, I have been on hiatus again for a couple of months, but there is nothing like VD that will rescuscitate a blog.

And that is a direct note: VD blogger(s)-- there have been some outstanding requests for VD 2008. The punctured glove and cold-meat contact might be the highlight of this year's show. ... Now that's what I call a gourmet sandwich.

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