11 November 2007


I have been a dedicated Google user for the past eight years, but I have been hesitant to allow Google to track all of my information. I make sure that I am not logged in when I do searches, etc. I think I'm ready now, though-- I'm ready to go Google with everything. Go-ogle. Go-oogle.

06 November 2007


I can say with some certainty that every subway train I have been on this past week has been operated by a student driver.

04 November 2007

String control

These are the best cover versions of 'First Day of My Life' that are posted on YouTube. At first I thought it was attributed to the voices, and then I thought maybe it was the rhythym. But I think really it's because the high E is more controlled and doesn't hurt my ears like the hundreds of other versions out there.

Well done!



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