16 November 2006

Exam Soundtrack: Day 1

Several fine efforts, the first being a notable Sense of Dread:

get me away from here,
I'm dying,
Play me a song
to set me free...
... I'm crying...

:: the crazy guitar to The Who's "Baba O'Riley" (... it's a Teenage Wasteland!")

If there's a
worthy cause
for to give to,
May I be
so bold
as to say...
"The givers
not knowing
where their
money's going
is as
as throwing

... to be the
Leader of the Pack...
my mom she set me on the track...
head for the top and don't look back,
and you'll see...
you'll be...
the leader of...
the pack.

(please, please don't ask what this one is from)

15 November 2006

Things I Like To Do

A) Sign up and sit for exams I do not prepare for

B) Procrastinate when I realized I need to prepare for an exam I have signed up to sit for by:
  1. Blogging.
  2. Ordering CDs through the Saddle Creek Newsletter which I had never signed up for originally.
  3. Text messaging everybody I know about how behind I am [in studying], how tired I am [from cramming], and/or just to shoot the sh*t.
  4. Singing songs aloud starting from the depths of my childhood and covering my life soundtrack. I think of a new one everytime this is done.
  5. Checking my email and catching up with everyone-- starting with those I haven't written to in over a year.
  6. Checking my other email and catching up with everyone-- starting with those I haven't written to in over a year.
  7. Organizing my apartment, usually in such a manner that it actually gets messier and requires re-organization and then cleaning. I clean underneath and behind the furniture particularly around exam time.
  8. Practicing forgery of everyone's signature I know.
  9. Making myself an extremely elaborate dinner / string of elaborate meals (if over the weekend) that requires: looking up a complex recipe, grocery shopping at specialty stores on the other side of town, the purchasing of special kitchen equipment, and at least 3 hours of preparation time.
  10. Going through old photos... and then going through them a second time.

Hmm... making this list is turning out to be too much fun. And it's sad that it can continue for a bit longer... I better get back to studying. I "only" have 4 more chapters to review. And then 10 more chapters to read before my second exam.

13 November 2006

Mirror, Mirror...

I study better when there isn't a giant mirror in front of me... I could stare at myself all day long!

12 November 2006

Voice-over potential

I have been staying up late and waking up early so many day in a row now that I could be a voice-over candidate for Lindsay Lohan**.

** Inspired by my catching her briefly on Leno the other night. She's still one of my tops!

A Tribute : Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe

As a tribute to one of my favorite Hollywood couples, I watched Cruel Intentions and grieved.

09 November 2006


Ahh - why do I always do this?! I ambitiously opted to take two exams next week and have not even studied for half of one. ::: Plenty of time ::: is a great motto, but that's not what's going through my head right now:

I wanna make a change...
for once in my life.
It's gonna feel real good,
gonna make a difference,
gonna make it right...

... I'm starting with the
man in the mirror...
I'm asking him
to change his ways...

... Who am I kidding - this it totally never going to change!

07 November 2006

Child of the World - Test me!



Definition: apparently a soap dispenser in the midwest region of the United States

"I've lost my Gojo!"

06 November 2006

References VIII, Put out the fire on us

I got one friend laying across from me
I did not choose him, he did not choose me
We've got no chance of recovery
Sharing hospital
Joy and misery
The joy and misery
The joy and misery

Bandwagon Bloopers V, Switched Off

In the midst of thinking about 100 things that I need to do this week, I have completely lost my mind. After I finished using the bathroom, I meant to flush the toilet and switched off the light instead. So there I was. In the dark. Wondering why I didn't hear the sound of running water.

03 November 2006

Reference VII

Just how I learned the lesson
that everyone's alone,
and your eyes must do some raining
if you're ever gonna grow.
When crying don't help
you can't compose yourself,
it helps to compose a poem--
an honest verse of longing,
or a simple song of hope.

01 November 2006


What's on your mind right now? Good or bad, it's time to talk all about it. Find a few friends to tell your problems to today. They might not be able to solve them -- or even help you figure out how to solve them. But just being able to get things off your chest will make you feel so much better! That's what friends are really for -- it's not all about how they can make your life better. It's all about how they can make you feel better about yourself.

Anybody out there?

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