31 March 2006

Supreme Ears III

Re-posted with the less cleaned up (but more accurate) version - beware the LIKES

With it's hypnotic synthesizers and sexy beats, Madonna's Confessions has everyone chatting :

"I'm still, like, slightly obsessed with the new Madonna CD."

"But she's like... really lost her... like, range... it's almost down to like, my range."

"Like sprechstimme?"

"Yes. Like that."

Sprechstimme : a form of dramatic declamation between singing and speaking, in which the speaker uses lilt and rhythm but not precise pitches; a style of dramatic vocalization between singing and speaking

30 March 2006


You might notice, as an avid b.w.b. reader, that the voting station has been removed from the sidebar. After a preliminary test-launch, several of my counterparts decided to launch polls of their own . . . using a tool called POLLHOST while I slaved over my computer, scratching my brain for html codes I had not utilized in years. I refuse to concede.

So the question now is : "Is it better to burn out than to fade awaaaayyyyy???" -- JB, High Fidelity

27 March 2006

Supreme Ears II

Given that you were to encounter a G. State Plate (leaving the unspoken, unspoken... Ref: Danger), it would be embarrassing to be caught with a bad CD in the player... and / or any number of bad CDs in the rotation. Choose guilty pleasures very carefully even while only 'sort of' in public.


Driving near anyone with this on any given moving vehicle... is a death wish.

25 March 2006

Movement II

Don't be afraid to join the movement.

24 March 2006


People need to stop confusing what they know with what they know relative to what they know.

23 March 2006


I'm in the mood to put on a smock!

20 March 2006

Supreme Ears

"Is she serious??? Her taste in music utterly offends me." -eh

Fascist Capitalists

I received a lease renewal from my landlord. I was heart-stoppingly appalled by the 24% increase in my rent. I sifted through the papers looking for the Go-Fuck-Yourself insert, but they must have forgotten to include it.

I have not yet had the opportunity to contact my landlord to ask about this increase; I am hopeful that they are doing it not to suddenly make more money off of me or to kick me out, but because they are sending someone to renovate my floors and replace the hardwood with gold.


"How long have you known her for?"

"Six years - we grew up together." (a neat lie)

"And have you ever had a problem in your friendship? ... before you even answer, I will guarantee you no... once you are her friend, she will be by your side for life... 'til the day you die. They are never greedy and they will never back-stab you. They are not money-hungry... they are nice people..."

Introducing a New Movement to Alleviate The Naïveté

Assholes With No Borders: Assholity has no boundaries, knows no color.

17 March 2006


Parades should be banned.

16 March 2006

Murphy's Law

I don't run late; I swear. It's MURPHY'S LAW.

Without having done much research, I wonder if he at all tinkered with Bayesian Theory?

Given that I leave earlier to get to work on time, the train will be delayed.
Given that I tell my friend I am leaving my house right away, my mother will call.
Given that I lie and say that I am on my way, I will not find a cab.

After a quick GOOGLE search, here are some fabulous examples of MURPHY'S LAW from Wikipedia:


15 March 2006



I highly recommend UDON to all palettes with few / no reservations.

It is like a drug and you always want more because 1) there is more-than-sufficient amount of sodium, 2) portions are never large enough, 3) you never know what is going to be in it. Life is like a solidified packet of UDON, right?

14 March 2006

Let's Juba

Pinto or black? Refried?


Ask students to recite or “rap” “Juba,” experimenting with different rhythms and polyrhythmic interplay among
themselves by clapping and drumming with found objects such as pencils and books or juice cans filled with dried beans.

Juba this and Juba that and Juba killed the yellow cat
and get over double trouble Juba, Juba

You sift-a the meal
You give me the husk
You bake-a the bread
You give me the crust
You fry the meat
You give me the skin
And that's where my mama's trouble begin

You just Juba...Juba
Say Juba up
Juba down
Juba all around the town
Juba for Ma
Juba for Pa
Juba for your brother-in-law
You just Juba...Juba

Juba this and Juba that and Juba killed the yellow cat

and get over double trouble Juba, Juba

I'm a good at The Juba. Please see me personally for a demonstration.

13 March 2006


I have a craving:

This looks good. See the raggèd edges? Skill. I think it is blackberry or maybe blueberry. I hope it is not chocolate because those do not taste good to me.

These do not look good. Not even from the aerial view. But I wanted to post them because they made me laugh. They look like "56 papier maché hats!" They are, after all, supposed to be hats.

12 March 2006


The cyberchatter is true. I'm online.

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