16 May 2006

Fascist Capitalists III, The Crumbly Ceiling

No, it's not a reference to bureaucracy though sometimes I feel like pieces of that are being shaved off into my eyes too each time I look up to everyone who is more important. It's a reference to my bathroom ceiling, still a point of concern.

A Costa Rican boy named David lives upstairs now. I had a leak in my ceiling a couple of months ago when he moved in, but before that I hadn't had any problems for the many years that I've lived in this place (the kids are all grown up now). It has stopped leaking since, but I have a bad feeling it is a BLEVE waiting to happen. ... Look it up on the Internet.

He says he practices scuba diving upstairs. Do you think he would mind if I asked him to not fill up the tub as much before he gets in with his tank and flippers?

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