23 July 2009


My resume is coming back to haunt me this summer!

The whole thread continuation that I had been trying to achieve earlier (with 'sequential' titles) is working better in a private forum that I am now a part of where you can post to the same thread. Format is better than this.


The great thing about this blog is that it is still anonymous. Do I hand it out this summer to keep in touch with friends? Tough call...

17 August 2008

Today, a baby chewed on the handle of my Marc Jacobs bag and its mom had to move the bag...

I lost a friend at a bar for the first time in forever. He may or may not have been wasted. But he got up, went to the washroom, and then never came back... I would have called him but he left his phone on the table...

15 August 2008

Midwest Immersion

The summer weather in the midwest is nearly impeccable-- bright and sunny, breezy, with dazzling blue skies everyday. How could the heavy humidity on the east coast ever beat this? On the surface, I have completely immersed myself into the slower, nicer, brighter midwest culture since I have nothing pressing to do on a daily basis, but there are still a couple of lurking nuances yet to be addressed:

Waiting: Perhaps transportation here is not as reliable and therefore commuters are accustomed to waiting. I have been on a lucky streak with the L and have not had to wait too long for any trains (yet), but I can already sense the heightened ability that Chicagoans have to patiently stand around the platform while their L train putters along the track. The other day, the entire red line shut down due to a medical emergency. Although a couple of people scowled, everybody cooperated and walked two [freakin long] blocks to catch a bus. I can only imagine the seething pandemonium that would arise in Manhattan if an entire line were to be closed. Normally, if I were to wait extensively for a train or if there were a delay, I would intentionally look at my watch every couple of minutes and act really annoyed just to non-verbally communicate to everyone else, “Yeah, I feel ya. This IS taking a really long time. What the fuck, right?” But here, the most acceptable way to indicate impatience is to stick my head over the rail and peek to see if there are headlights coming.

I have also experienced the delays that plague O’Hare. Aside from general weather delays, however, I realized that all of the airport traffic is also attributed to the politeness of the people here. They patiently form lines for services that either don’t require them, or they form lines in front of kiosks where there are no representatives. Unknowingly, other people join the line and voilà! there is your delay. But nobody complains, so you think the lines are legit. Meanwhile, I have been spoiled with the BOS / LGA / DCA shuttles, their accompanying last-minute check-ins, and the passive-aggressive fights to advance deeper into the boarding cluster by subtlely wriggling your toes and pulling your body and rolling suitcase along. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I would say, apologizing to the person in front of me for rudely pressing against them while hovering, after a quick glance askance at the scapegoat behind me. That’s how it used to work…

Interacting: “Now this is curious—you would think everything is on sale with all the people who are in here today!” I looked out the corner of my eye without turning my head to double-check that the woman was talking to me. “Oh… yes…” I was sliding some nectarines into a plastic bag at the time—was I doing it wrong? Perhaps the supermarket was only frequented by true regulars and I was spotted as the neighborhood newbie and it was her indirect way of saying, “I’m onto you.” I was suddenly self-conscious as I weaved my grocery cart through the rest of the fruit & vegetable section. My cart was flawless, but I felt like I was maneuvering it as though it had a bum right wheel… like it was obvious I hadn’t operated a cart in a number of years and would have been safer getting grocery cart liability insurance before shopping.

I made a hurried run through the frozen section. I didn’t want anything to melt and the supermarket was just so big and unfamiliar! I accidentally cut off a couple of unsuspecting patrons, but pardoned myself as I swung into the detergent aisle, slightly out of breath from the rushing around. A woman pulled up next to me. “Sorry,” she said with a big smile. She chuckled at the same time and the word practically came out in friendly chunks. “Oh… no problem…” I was unsure what she was apologizing for, whether it was my inability to push a grocery cart around, or her presence that could have distracted me from thoroughly perusing all the soaps. I was used to people apologizing only if they bumped into you—and that was only if they jostled you enough to make you drop something you were holding… almost like a means of compensation so they wouldn’t have to pay you to replace your newspaper that they made you drop into a stale puddle, or the apple that they made roll across the subway floor. That’s how it used to work…

02 July 2008

They Know What's Up

Try taking the Shuttle train from Times Square to Grand Central on Track 4. Pay close attention to who decides to run and when. Those who know what's up start hurrying as quickly as possible if they see the headlights of the train while they are still crossing over from Track 3. You gotta do that if you want good positioning... otherwise it's like a fish swimming upstream.

16 June 2008

The Windy City

My weekend in Chicago was a preview to the whipping winds that I shall anticipate for the winter months. Thanks to the Puerto Rican Day parade which fortunately followed me from NY last weekend to Chicago this weekend, I spent quite a bit of time standing still at intersections patiently waiting to cross. The winds reaped these opportunities to create a rat's nest on my head several times. This is probably why everyone from Chicago has shoulder-length hair or shorter.

17 March 2008

So the crane that fell in Manhattan crushed FUBAR, a dumpy bar at 50th & 2nd, spot-on. Is it a coincidence that FUBAR stands for F*cked Up Beyond Any Recognition???

Affirmative Action

So Saved By the Bell is on every morning. Today was the episode where the class had to do a report on their family heritage and it turns out that Zack Morris is part of some Native American tribe, which he learns about from this guy Chief Henry. I was thinking-- is this how Zack ends up miraculously getting into Yale during their Senior Year?!

08 March 2008

Being John Malkovich

I hadn't thought about BEING JOHN MALKOVICH in years and I saw the last part of it today. I forgot about how totally weird that movie was.

24 February 2008

Live from the Oscars! VI

Well that was moving.

::: Can't wait to see what materializes from the Oscar partying... ::: Word is that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston might have a throw-down! "Careful B..."

Love from the Oscars! V

Diablo Cody was so nervous! I would be too if the slip went all the way up to my mimi.
(in a foreign accent): "... juno that dress is inappropriate?"

I did like the movie a lot. Great job, Ms Diablo!

Live from the Oscars! IV

Will someone please tell Colin Farrell that he has already finished filming ALEXANDER and that it has already been released on DVD?

Live from the Oscars! III

How could you not be so excited for Marion Cotillard?! Cate Blanchett jumped out of her seat! At first, I yelled at the television, "It ain't you babe-- oh no no, it ain't you babe... it ain't you they're looking for, babe..." Then I realized she was super excited FOR Marion, and I wanted to remind her that she was competing against her.

But how lovely! Aww... I love collaborative atmospheres.

Live from the Oscars! II

I wish it were 10 years ago. Because then I would be watching this and listening to Celine Dion perform that Titantic ballad instead of these retarded numbers from that movie ENCHANTED.

Live from the Oscars!

Why is it from the Kodak Theatre and not the Grauman's Chinese Theatre? Is that a racist statement?

The ceremony is just about to start and everyone seems excited. Whew! So glad they caught Hilary Swank before she walked in-- if I didn't get to see her, I wouldn't continue watching! Just kidding. She reminds me of Skeletor from He-Man and is scarier to watch than John Basedow from the weightlifting commercials:

Regis better clean up his act. It's JAVIER Bardem. Not Xavier.

21 February 2008

Sweet Sugar treat

What better way to re(re)(re)(re)-debut than to share the best link I have seen in a while?


Indeed, I have been on hiatus again for a couple of months, but there is nothing like VD that will rescuscitate a blog.

And that is a direct note: VD blogger(s)-- there have been some outstanding requests for VD 2008. The punctured glove and cold-meat contact might be the highlight of this year's show. ... Now that's what I call a gourmet sandwich.

28 December 2007

Little Red Wagon

It was raining lightly last week as I strolled out of a building down by the South Street Seaport. As I crossed through one of those construction awnings [that always seem to be erected as soon as a set comes down], a woman rounded the corner with a gray hooded poncho covering her. She was in a hurry, but she was steadily pulling one of those little red wagons behind her. It was overflowing with black garbage bags that were filled with objects that were oddly-shaped. Then I noticed a large sticker taped onto one of the bags with a name printed carefully in permanent marker: A. Uribe.


11 November 2007


I have been a dedicated Google user for the past eight years, but I have been hesitant to allow Google to track all of my information. I make sure that I am not logged in when I do searches, etc. I think I'm ready now, though-- I'm ready to go Google with everything. Go-ogle. Go-oogle.

06 November 2007


I can say with some certainty that every subway train I have been on this past week has been operated by a student driver.

04 November 2007

String control

These are the best cover versions of 'First Day of My Life' that are posted on YouTube. At first I thought it was attributed to the voices, and then I thought maybe it was the rhythym. But I think really it's because the high E is more controlled and doesn't hurt my ears like the hundreds of other versions out there.

Well done!



23 October 2007


Inspired to resuscitate (wow, that's a hard word) my blog since I'm sitting at my computer all day and all night anyway. (and all the time in between)

So one thing I had felt strongly about yesterday was this 'breaking news' of Dumbledore being gay. I think there are more important things to focus on in the world than to think about how it should be removed from libraries and school collections. Anyway, hasn't everyone already read it?

An article: "Seven Clues that 'Potter's' Dumbledore was gay' contains this clue. This is the stupidest f-ing thing I've ever heard.

The fact that so few of us realized he was gay. "No matter how many 'clues' I can put down that Dumbledore was gay, no matter how many millions of people have read these books again and again, Rowling surprised even the most die-hard fans with the announcement that Dumbledore was gay. And in the end, the fact that we never would have guessed is what makes Dumbledore being gay so real. So many times I have encountered friends who are gay that I never would have predicted. It has shown me that one's sexual orientation is not some obvious 'lifestyle choice,' it's a precious facet of our multi-faceted personalities. And in the end whatever the differences between our personalities are, it is time that our world heeds Dumbledore's advice: 'Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.' Today as I write this, I believe that it's time for our aims to be loyal to what the greatest wizard in the world would have wanted them to be: love."

Question: did the actors playing Dumbledore know he was gay?

14 September 2007

Whistle While You Work

I almost passed out in the shower this morning trying to teach myself how to whistle. Nope, never mastered that skill!

09 September 2007

Guns in Virginia

I shot one for the first time since Vietnam.
The .22 rifle does not compare to the AK-47.
That was scary.

I Found Myself

I thought it would be hilarious to youtube a Jerry Springer clip. When I didn't find it, I thought that there would be hope with googling it.

There was a hit!

The one hit on google was a link to this blog.

02 June 2007

Same Old, Same Old

I went to see a show the other day. I would have appreciated it more had I done my 'homework' and listened to the new album a bit more than I did.

Slacking even in 'hobby homework'! Some things never change...

14 May 2007


I just remembered that I desperately need to send out a bill. I also remembered that, [in]conveniently, the stamp prices go up today.
Everybody ready for Forever?!

10 May 2007

Long Live McD's!

I just posted something but it got erased.
Long story short - I don't know why people knock McDonald's. It's perfect for a late-night snack!

01 May 2007

Rise: Blood Hunter

A non-original title for the blog but certainly one that honors the topic of the evening.

Rise: Blood Hunter is a must-see for all vampire / thriller lovers (such as myself, I suppose). The plot was not earth-shattering... but what plot is? What was important was that I left the theatre feeling as though I had consumed three espressos while being strangled. And with the blood, the violence, the blood that spilled from necks, the violence, the blood that ran down the faces and the bodies, and the gore... and the blood that would just pop out of everyone's skin... how could you not feel like that? ... I was practically choking myself with my hands to make sure that a hungry vampire did not sneak up behind me in the theatre.

Supernatural as it was-- as vampires are, I did not leave the theatre feeling (from an 11pm showing, mind you) like I feared being alone for the next three months. Movies such as The Exorcist or Stir of Echoes or even Halloween or likes were ones where you couldn't sleep right for a bit. Or didn't want to not be doing 360 turns all around all the time and inspecting all corners of your house-- particularly the window latches and doors. And checking behind the shower curtains when you get home. That's the beauty of the vampire-- dangerous and yet still a little bit comforting in their appearance.

It was perfect to have Lucy Liu in the movie. It reminded you that there was hope for the character in the storyline. It reminded you (if and when you wanted a reality check out of your slayer role ontake) that it wasn't real; a B-list or "C-list" actress would have made you question whether you were watching some psychos on the news.

11 April 2007

Turn the Volume Down

Space and atmosphere are so important when you look into a bar or a restaurant. But I realized that it is more than just for the sake of having an enjoyable environment. It can also be to accentuate or mask the events at your very own table.

(cell phone rings)
(I pick up)

Friend: What's a good place to eat around the Village here?

Me: What kind of food are you up for?

Friend: Whatever.

Me: Umm... are you with a loud talker?

That is going to be my new series of questions before making recommendations because I know what it is like at the other end of the table. Going to a quiet restaurant or bar with a loud talker is a mortifying experience. It's the lack of the 'inside voice' that harshly grazes through the cilia in my ears. One time, I went to this traditional Japanese restaurant with a loud talker. As you might know, traditional Japanese restaurants tend to be very still and gentle. Well when this person started talking, I was certain the fish on my plate woke up and were like, "um, excuse me." I almost melted into the ground. This person is also a nightmare on a crowded subway, and you are almost tempted to close the partition in a cab because you feel bad for the driver.

So listen up! ... and turn it down.

09 April 2007

Happy Belated Easter!

An oldie but goodie that you all must be familiar with...
The comment assigned was:
Holy shit, I almost had a seizure when I saw this one. Three words: too many colors. Also, eggs aren't supposed to have ears, dipshit. F
For the record, to find this fine piece of work, I initially googled: "too many fucking colors" but I stood corrected as that was not the exact phrase. So, I googled (with no quotation marks): ding ding shit mobile... and voilà! I knew that it had been neatly juxtaposed in the original email from about 3-4 years ago. Try the search if you missed out on seeing this lovely assessment the first time around - you are missing out.

08 April 2007

Reality Check

Three years ago, I was standing with a few friends / co-workers in the middle of ZURICH town center where a series of trams crossed through. There was a girl standing waiting there across the way from us; she was waiting for a train. She was also wearing capri pants and sandals. We all had our sunglasses on-- it was March, after all, so the sun had begun to intensify greatly. But it was still Switzerland... and it was still 30 degrees! Suddenly, a co-worker with whom I do not normally share views was very matter of fact and calm, and stated: "Just because it's sunny out, doesn't mean it's warm."

I found myself making that same matter of fact statement several times today during the course of the one hour that I left my apartment. I saw flip-flops. I saw the capri pants / sneakers combo. I saw too many people who were seasonally impatient!

12 March 2007

Spring Forward! (Jam Tomorrow, Jam Yesterday...)

If it were two days ago, then today would still be yesterday.

11 March 2007

Happy Anniversary!

It's true - Bandwagon Blogger celebrates her one-year anniversary tomorrow!

As she has grown wiser, perhaps having only blossomed recently within the confines of the YEAR OF THE GOLDEN PIG, she leaves you with this thought for 2007:

Never trust a bad liar.

26 February 2007

Doppio Joke

"Yeah, no caffeine doesn't ever affect me anymore either-- I'm also getting a double espresso." --Me, circa 8:30pm tonight... or, rather, last night

24 February 2007

God, I Can't Get This Out of My Head (sung like Kylie)

I hadn't thought about this song since, like, 1996 or whenever it came out. And I haven't been able to stop singing it in my head since this lady requested it on karaoke. Ahhhhhhhh

I heard from a friend today
And she said you were in town
Suddenly the memories came back to me in
My mind

How can I be strong
I've asked myself
Time and time I've said
That I'll never fall in love with you again

A wounded heart you gave,
My soul you took away
Good intentions you had many,
I know you did
I come from a place that hurts,
an' God knows how I've cried
And I never want to return
Never fall again

Making love to you felt so good and
Oh so right

How can I be strong
I've asked myself
Time and time I've said
That I'll never fall in love with you again

So here we are alone again,
Didn't think it'd come to this
And to know it all began
With just a little kiss
I've come too close to happiness
To have it swept away
Don't think I can take the pain
Never fall again

Kinda late in the game
And my heart is in your hands
Don't you stand there and then tell me
You love me
Then leave again
'Cause I'm falling in love with you again
Hold me, hold me
Don't ever let me go
Say it just one time
Say you love me
God knows I do love you again

21 February 2007

Princeton Review - Joe Bloggs

The Princeton Review books always makes an example of "Joe Bloggs," the average test taker who always takes the 'bait' answers. "Which one would Joe Bloggs choose?" or "The answer 'C' is clearly the Joe Bloggs answer," are two of many references made to this 'average test taker.' Well thankfully I am even less average than he because sometimes I manage to come up with answers that are so wrong, they're not even an option. So I redo them and get them right. Cheers to being less than average!

13 February 2007

A Worthy Shower

You must try this experiment. If you wear glasses, you may use your own. Else, go get a fake pair from Urban Outfitters!

1) Wait until you are really [nighttime] sleepy-- particularly effective if you have just awoken from a couch pass-out.

1a) You may be drunk as a substitute.

2) Turn on the shower and make sure it is hot enough that the bathroom can get steamy.

3) Take a shower with your glasses on - of course you should avoid getting them wet!

4) Document the experience... probably the following morning.

My Personal Results:

It was a bitter cold night. I returned from a late dinner, one where we started eating just shy of midnight. With it being so cold, we ordered a nice carafe of heavy red wine which tastefully (tastily) went with the food.

I recall about 3 minutes of the 12-minute cab ride home. The driver had to wake me up: "Miss, is this corner okay??" I played it cool.

I went home and started to get ready for bed because believe me-- I was ready for bed. But the chilling winds that rattled my windows and that made even my apartment a bit cold (reference entry regarding my wanting to MELT in my apartment) prompted a sudden desire to take a hot shower.

I decided to keep my glasses on.

It was difficult to maneuver around, despite my being thoroughly familiar with my shower. I was overly-relaxed from the sudden temperature change, the hot shower in itself, and the red wine. And I was tired. Oh, and my glasses entirely steamed over-- it was like I was dreaming. My eyes were open and I saw nothing but what could be interpreted as clouds... or fog... or the mist of another land.

I felt like I was starting to move around in jerky movements and was lucky that I did not fall entirely into my shower curtain. Not having a rod the following morning would have been extremely inconvenient. In fact, having a broken rod all together would be inconvenient all together (reference Rod Appreciation Day-- would have been too many rod incidences in a row for me).

I had some trippy thoughts after (which I very distinctly remember but will refrain from sharing).

Try it. You won't regret it.

06 February 2007


I wish I were in elementary school so that they could cancel my day. Like, is this weather really necessary?

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