13 February 2007

A Worthy Shower

You must try this experiment. If you wear glasses, you may use your own. Else, go get a fake pair from Urban Outfitters!

1) Wait until you are really [nighttime] sleepy-- particularly effective if you have just awoken from a couch pass-out.

1a) You may be drunk as a substitute.

2) Turn on the shower and make sure it is hot enough that the bathroom can get steamy.

3) Take a shower with your glasses on - of course you should avoid getting them wet!

4) Document the experience... probably the following morning.

My Personal Results:

It was a bitter cold night. I returned from a late dinner, one where we started eating just shy of midnight. With it being so cold, we ordered a nice carafe of heavy red wine which tastefully (tastily) went with the food.

I recall about 3 minutes of the 12-minute cab ride home. The driver had to wake me up: "Miss, is this corner okay??" I played it cool.

I went home and started to get ready for bed because believe me-- I was ready for bed. But the chilling winds that rattled my windows and that made even my apartment a bit cold (reference entry regarding my wanting to MELT in my apartment) prompted a sudden desire to take a hot shower.

I decided to keep my glasses on.

It was difficult to maneuver around, despite my being thoroughly familiar with my shower. I was overly-relaxed from the sudden temperature change, the hot shower in itself, and the red wine. And I was tired. Oh, and my glasses entirely steamed over-- it was like I was dreaming. My eyes were open and I saw nothing but what could be interpreted as clouds... or fog... or the mist of another land.

I felt like I was starting to move around in jerky movements and was lucky that I did not fall entirely into my shower curtain. Not having a rod the following morning would have been extremely inconvenient. In fact, having a broken rod all together would be inconvenient all together (reference Rod Appreciation Day-- would have been too many rod incidences in a row for me).

I had some trippy thoughts after (which I very distinctly remember but will refrain from sharing).

Try it. You won't regret it.

I think you're crossing into new territory with this post; but as you begin to experiment with A New Consciousness, are you ready to start affixing "don't try this at home" or "ask a doctor first" type warnings to your entries?
Depends on whether one would prefer being modulated.
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