11 April 2007

Turn the Volume Down

Space and atmosphere are so important when you look into a bar or a restaurant. But I realized that it is more than just for the sake of having an enjoyable environment. It can also be to accentuate or mask the events at your very own table.

(cell phone rings)
(I pick up)

Friend: What's a good place to eat around the Village here?

Me: What kind of food are you up for?

Friend: Whatever.

Me: Umm... are you with a loud talker?

That is going to be my new series of questions before making recommendations because I know what it is like at the other end of the table. Going to a quiet restaurant or bar with a loud talker is a mortifying experience. It's the lack of the 'inside voice' that harshly grazes through the cilia in my ears. One time, I went to this traditional Japanese restaurant with a loud talker. As you might know, traditional Japanese restaurants tend to be very still and gentle. Well when this person started talking, I was certain the fish on my plate woke up and were like, "um, excuse me." I almost melted into the ground. This person is also a nightmare on a crowded subway, and you are almost tempted to close the partition in a cab because you feel bad for the driver.

So listen up! ... and turn it down.

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