08 April 2007

Reality Check

Three years ago, I was standing with a few friends / co-workers in the middle of ZURICH town center where a series of trams crossed through. There was a girl standing waiting there across the way from us; she was waiting for a train. She was also wearing capri pants and sandals. We all had our sunglasses on-- it was March, after all, so the sun had begun to intensify greatly. But it was still Switzerland... and it was still 30 degrees! Suddenly, a co-worker with whom I do not normally share views was very matter of fact and calm, and stated: "Just because it's sunny out, doesn't mean it's warm."

I found myself making that same matter of fact statement several times today during the course of the one hour that I left my apartment. I saw flip-flops. I saw the capri pants / sneakers combo. I saw too many people who were seasonally impatient!

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