30 April 2006


A developed empathy radiates
and attracts
adding but another hint of soul to my ears.

27 April 2006

Addiction III

Who will be America's Next Top Model??

26 April 2006

Bet II

Ref: Bandwagon Trivia; 21 April 2006

I saw it in one of my math books recently and could not help but to be amused that it was in there. It is a mathematical formula measuring your BAL after 8 fl oz of whisky.

I woke up this morning and all day I could only bet that I single-handedly damaged the function.

24 April 2006


If all the raindrops
were lemondrops and gumdrops,
Oh, what a rain it would be.

I'd stand outside
with my mouth open wide...
... Ah, ah ah-ah, ah ah-ah ah ah-ah...

If all the raindrops
were lemondrops and gumdrops,
Oh, what a rain it would be.

22 April 2006


Procrastination is the deferment or avoidance of an action or task which requires completion by focusing on some other action or task. For the person procrastinating, this can result in a loss of productivity, stress and a sense of guilt. While it is normal for individuals to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning. Chronic procrastination may be a sign of an underlying psychological or physiological disorder.

From Wikipedia


I have a box of Corn Flakes on top of my refrigerator. It has been there for a few years now, and no one has ever commented on it.
But fear not - I don't eat stale cereal. The box has been empty for years, and is purely there for decoration.

21 April 2006

Bandwagon Trivia

A(t) = 0.23te^-0.4t

(0 <= t <= 12)

Addiction II

I awoke to a text,
Sirens resound.
I couldn't believe it--
New tickets were found!

I stumbled online,
eyes adjusting to see--
Indeed it was true;
a new tour date released!

With coffee brewing
and phone calls received,
Gearing up for the moment
and hardly relieved.

Tickets on sale,
9am on the dot.
No time for hesitation--
we knew they'd be hot!

But the waiting grew longer;
Silence sank in,
... Then I heard tapping--
'twas a four-digit pin!

"We scored the tickets!"
shouted a friend.
Shocked, amazed,
"Say that again?!"

Post request granted,
and so here's my shout-out,
To the purchase master,
To the VP with clout.

Thank you for buying!
It's a Friday defeat.
Here's are our surprise:
It's your turn to treat!

20 April 2006

Bandwagon Willies

I saw someone yesterday who looked exactly like a male acquaintance of mine, except she is a woman named Rosa who is visibly missing two teeth.

19 April 2006

References III

As I was listening to Arcade Fire's Haiti this morning, I remembered that I recently heard it on a department store soundtrack. Will Macy's, Filene's, and/or Lord & Taylor go Indie?

Independently, I saw remnants of what I think used to be an animal on the road and [morbidly] thought of Pieces of You. What ever happened to our beloved Jewel?

17 April 2006


Only true winners go Sinister.

13 April 2006

Fascist Capitalists II

"This building has laundry, elevators..."

The voice trailed off in my head as I patiently waited for the elevator. I had held the door for the man in the bike who now appeared to be a real estate broker of sorts. I casually fake-sipped my black cherry vanilla diet coke from the bottle (it was my first time tasting one - not bad!). I hate being around brokers for fear that they will ask if they can slip into my apartment and show their clients an example of a lay-out. Aside from my place being a dump at the moment, I would hate for strangers to poke around with all my belongings in such a small space.

And so, when the elevator came, I quietly stood in the corner. I made eye contact with the broker as the doors closed and debated whether to ask about rents. I took a chance :

"You showing an apartment?" I asked, knowing full well that he was showing one on the 11th floor, as that was confirmed by the client before pushing the button.


"What kind?"

"What kind? What do you mean?"

"Studio... One-bedroom..." I wondered to myself if he was playing dumb or just plain stupid.

"Oh, it's a one-bedroom."

"Oh, how much is that going for?"

"Umm... I don't know. I have it written down," he said as he patted his bag.

How can he not know the rent of the flat he was showing? I considered asking if he didn't know or if it was confidential. If he didn't know, well... ha. If he did and it was confidential, then that reiterates the stereotype that you can't trust brokers because he should have just said that. But so I refrained from asking and instead, I stepped out of the lift and looked back with a grin while streaking a slow wave at the two other people en route to the 11th floor. They were about to lose money - on an expensive apartment, on an equally expensive deposit, and on a commission fee to a stupid or dishonest man. I wonder how I could go about confirming which of the two he is? Regardless, I'll be on the 11th floor sometime this week - scouting out the property. Care to join?


Aside from sodium (ref : MSG), I might have an unexpected addiction to caffeine. I have been getting these headaches recently which I usually do not. Else, I have been getting too much sleep - 7+ hours. What's up with that?

12 April 2006

References II

The door to the bathroom stall bounced a couple of times against the rubber before I slid the lock across. Like this: BUM, BA-DUM... TSH!
It was reminiscent of the beat in Walking on the Moon by The Police, so it has been stuck in my head since yesterday. Yes, the TSH! is a high-hat.
BUM, ba-DUM... TSH!
BUM, BA-Dum... TSH!
BUM, Ba...

Giant steps are what you take
Walking on the moon...

11 April 2006

Bandwagon Chatter V

The first time, I was like, "I don't want no KOREAN car. PSSH!!!"
But no, you realize then you don't know what you're missing.
Now i say, "Yeah, yup -- yeah, gimme THAT one."

09 April 2006


And we've been up all night and our eyes are tired
But now there's light enough to see
So if I leave right now, would you come with me?

- The Elected

07 April 2006

Bandwagon Chatter IV

I slipped into the subway just as the conductor threatened to close the doors. More and more commuters packed into the train, pressing against one another in the rush-hour humidity of stale breath. I grabbed onto the pole closest to me, higher than I would prefer but there was less than ample room for my grip further down. The doors finally closed and the passengers pressed even more closely together as the last-minute hop-ons pulled their backpacks and accessories fully into the train. The conductor's voice, static and all, found its way through the old PA system to announce the next station in an inarticulate and deafening cackle-- the train jolted as it started up, and I lost my balance with my displaced grip.

"Sorry about that." I glanced over at the passenger in front of me as I stepped on his foot and accidentally rammed into his luggage with my knee. The unusualness of his empty look caught my attention. It was strangely unusual and strangely empty.

"Down here, you fool!" My thoughts were sharply interrupted as a voice came slicing through the darkness. I looked down at a fist that was shaking at me, violently.

"Oh, I'm sorry-- I thought you were ... (bad call-- bad choice of words... ABORT!) ... I didn't realize you were down there. I'm sorry." (Wrong again! Damn!)

The train pulled up at the station. I, half-relieved and half-still immersed in the embarrassment of the situation, ran my thumb along the bottom-side strap of my bag re-positioning it on my shoulder for the get-away.

"You better watch where you're going!" he scolded, fist still 'high' in the air.


I barged my way off the train, traumitized. And shamed.

So truth - spring / summer is near : the season of interns... and other smaller people that might just get big someday. Might.

05 April 2006

Bandwagon Chatter III

Dooced : To lose one's job due to entries published on a blog. The term was coined when a woman lost her job due to postings on her blog that was discovered by her company.

Bandwagon Chatter II

"Mark your calendars! On Wednesday at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be:
01:02:03 04/05/06.
That will never happen again.
You may now return to your normal stuff."

"Thanks. But because I don't have anything to do than to monitor your inane findings, I must point out that it'll happen again in the afternoon."

03 April 2006

Bandwagon Bloopers

Standing innocently in line at the car rental. A burly, balding man storms through the backdoor. I impatiently wait patiently and wave to the Mr Ronald McDonald - like trainee who recognized me from the day before.

Burly man : Where's his paperwork.

He violently shuffles through a number of contracts, scattering papers about the counter like a mad professor.

Juan, who was helping me, turned toward the burly man who was now heaving with emotions.

Juan : What are you looking for?

The burly man mutters something under his breath.

Juan : Oh, that guy . . . wait, did someone give away your car?

Ronald McDonald was stunned, eyes wide open. You could tell he was praying for his co-worker, whichever one it was who had mistakenly ... very mistakenly, rented out the boss's car. You could also tell he wanted to slip in a quick comment about how he was not the one who did it. He refrained.

Juan : ... really? aw, shoot!

Juan covered his mouth, quickly and haphazardly, but only after letting out a small stifle.

Burly man : Did he just leave?

Juan : ... naw, he's been gone for a WHILE now. ... It's an outta town rental too... aw, shoot.

Again, Juan covered his mouth, quickly and haphazardly, but only after letting out a small stifle.

The burly man storms back out the same service door.

Burly man : Insert many expletives here, as though someone just gave your car away to a stranger with all your personal belongings in it.

Juan : He shou'n't have parked it in the Ready-Line I guess, cuz we give those away.

Murphy's Law II

I swear I don't run late; it's the time change.

Given that I wake up at 6am, it is really now 7am.

Okay, that's not really Murphy's Law but it is in my mind for the sake of this post.

Supreme Ears III, Part Deux

I sense the Kabbalah influences in Isaac.

Bandwagon Chatter

Spring Forward

The official spelling is Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time.

Saving is used here as a verbal adjective (a participle). It modifies time and tells us more about its nature; namely, that it is characterized by the activity of saving daylight. It is a saving daylight kind of time. Similar examples would be dog walking time or book reading time. Since saving is a verb describing a single type of activity, the form is singular.

Nevertheless, many people feel the word savings (with an 's') flows more mellifluously off the tongue. Daylight Savings Time is also in common usage, and can be found in dictionaries. Adding to the confusion is that the phrase Daylight Saving Time is inaccurate, since no daylight is actually saved. Daylight Shifting Time would be better, but it is not as politically desirable.

This information was extracted from WebExhibits.

Question : Where is the hyphen?

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