29 August 2006

Confession VI, Child of the 90's

I find that my entries are coming farther and fewer in between... and peppered with more confessions than ever before. Hmm. Interesting.

So it's funny that you can have songs stuck in your head for days (or weeks) at a time and crave hearing it in its entirety. You would even pay $0.99 to hear it! But then say, hypothetically, you have 16 iTunes credits that you need to spend in the next two days... you can't find anything at all!

Hypothetical aside, I have been brainstorming 16 songs that I might like to hear again in its entirety-- the more often, the better, as I would be getting a better value. To get some juices going, I have been surfing the homepage of my Music Store. And it has happened! Confirmed. I find myself in the 90's section, clicking on each entry and getting unnecessarily excited about each tune-- particularly the one-hit wonders.

Setting: Winter 2002, Morningside Heights
In attendance: Me, cronies.

Quote (not me): "You guys... you know how you walk around and see some people... and you think to yourself?-- 'man, that guy is STUCK in the 70's!' or like, 'man, that guy is STUCK in the 80's!' ... well... do you think that's gonna be US??? Do you think we're gonna be, like, STUCK in the 90's???"

Surely not. The new millenium showed so much promise. And yet my guilty pleasure is downloading Better Than Ezra, listening to clips of Diane King, belting KC & JoJo, lip-synching Blind Melon, bobbing to Déjà Vu, and playing the fake drums to Lithium. It's reflected in my desperate iTunes search. I listen to clips and just can't get enough. But I still have 16 remaining!

21 August 2006

Bandwagon Venting IV, No Pride -- Part Deux

They can't win either... as if that wasn't understood from the previous post.

Bandwagon Venting IV, No Pride

God damn Red Sox can't keep a lead!

14 August 2006

Confession V, Three is the Magic Number

I would look askance at myself as well upon hearing that I have seen a movie in the theatre three times... even if the third time was kind of a trick.

10 August 2006

Respect: Your Day Boundaries

1) Weeknight friends
2) Weekend night friends
3) Weekend day friends

Really, that's how close you are to people-- in that particular order. (The fourth would be Late Night Friend which can be applied to any day).

08 August 2006


I couldn't believe it myself-- I was at Bungalow 8 with some girl friends. One of them had a work function there promoting a new honeydew mixer that is coming out to all-organic stores. He was standing there, glistening in the light-- Jude! Indeed, upclose and personal. And he came over to offer to buy ME a drink. We chatted for a little bit, and the next thing I knew we were upstairs in the upper hotel lobby where only a few others were around.

Trip clip. Not true... my real reference to being starf*cked was at Starbucks. I had already been standing at the counter for 5 minutes before the barista took my order. And then I waited 2 more before the one making the drink says, "Ma'am... what kind of milk." "Whole's fine." Meaning-- yeah, if it's handy right there, I'd prefer that.

He ambled to the fridge, slower than molasses running uphill. Long story short, my friend came into the store to get me because our ride was outside. I panicked. My iced mocha wasn't ready yet and we had already waited for about 10 - 15 minutes. Then suddenly, "Ma'am, here you go!" I whipped around: "Really?! Thanks!" I grab the iced beverage and run out the store.

Skip to drinking-- yup. No espresso. Milk only. Yup, chocolate syrup and milk-- a good old-fashioned chocolate milk, complete with ice cubes. I paid $3.68 for this trusty budget invention that I could have gotten for $0.85 at the local corner deli. Without the ice cubes! Jerk.

06 August 2006

"Damp Collection"

I serendipitously stumbled upon this special aired on the Food Network, featuring a man who decided to collect moist towelettes. He has over 500 and decided to start a mini-museum. The phrase "moist towelette" was used, on average, 8-9 times per minute throughout the 5 minute clip.

01 August 2006

hot, Hot, HOT! II

Bad. This weather is pretty bad. Today, one of my Filipino friends came up to me and said, "You know it's bad when I'm hot." Last year, she was wearing cardigans and light sweaters in August & September because she thought it was kind of chilly. Two hours later, I got an IM: "This reminds me of when you walk down the street in Haiti at noon." Yes, this friend is from Haiti.

I walked past 43rd Street today-- on the ground, I saw a massive dragonfly about the length of my hand. Its wingspan was comfortably just shy of 6 inches. And it made me think-- could NYC ever be tropical? Could we ever get a new frequently-encountered species? Next year, is my neighbor going to come out of her apartment with a pet cockroach on a leash?

A good strategy to stay cool is to lie face-down on your hardwood floor completely naked. Every 7 minutes or so, you should flip over in such a manner that you are not touching the same part of the floor you were just lying on. Make snow angel motions every so often-- but slowly-- you don't want to generate any heat energy.

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