30 July 2006

DCCDs, some healthy protection

I have a healthy collection of [bad] sample CDs that I keep to use as DCCDs, Dust Cover CDs-- these are CDs that you place on top of your frequently-used pile so that they collect all the dust and have the highest potential for scratches.

29 July 2006

Kinder surprise

Last weekend, I had my first encounter with "Kinder surprise," a creepy chocolate egg with a toy inside. The chocolate is actually two thin layers practically glued together that you peel off (um, and eat) before you get to the plastic egg like the ones that come out of the dispensers for $0.25. As it turns out, I found that it should be called, "Surprise, Kinder!" because not only do you have to work to put the toy together... it is embarrassingly difficult. Totally made for Village-of-the-Damned children-- Aryan prodigies, appropriately enough. I, though a prodigy, am not Aryan. And thus, I struggled.

My Magicode has already been used, unfortunately-- I selected a Level 3 adventure but did not have the attention span to participate in all 20 minutes of the funfest. ... After all, who has time?

Magicode: LZDQO 31Y19

26 July 2006

Bandwagon Theory II, The Lonely Google

A new search engine of sorts has emerged. And it's for the Fearful Singles. Wedding Channel (www.theweddingchannel.com) and The Knot (www.theknot.com), both online wedding websites, have been a newly-added 'favorite' to the Internet Explorers (and Firefoxes) around town. You can peruse the front page and admire all things pretty while cancelling the incessant pop-ups. And then when you notice the blank field prompting for a name, you think more seriously: "I wonder what my junior high crush is doing now?" Yup, getting married in September 2006. Not invited. But, you tell your friends! Then you work up the nerve to look up your high school fling-- already married, your college boyfriend-- April 2007-- not invited to that one either... and the lactose intolerant guy you were dating back in February who is suddenly marrying a girl who grew up on a dairy farm. You're invited to that one though. ... Um... divorces anyone? Any takers?

21 July 2006

Manhattan: A Common Uncommon-Tale

He bled over the edge of the step, the prominent red blotch on his body facing up. He had been lying there for about 30 minutes and at least 50 or so people had walked by him in each direction, but nobody paid him any attention. It seemed the more they stared, the more they steered away from him. Typical. He was wet from the rain, the droplets sitting on him like beads of sweats. “Somebody pick me up—I have money!!” he tried to scream. But he was worn out.

An elderly woman suddenly hovered over him and adjusted her glasses. Her hand shook as she slowly bent her knees, shifting her weight to her cane. She reached across her body toward him, ignoring the rolling coffee cup next to him that had been knocked over as he lay there.

“Evelyn, let’s go now—the train’s here.” Her husband started down the steps and switched holding the umbrella to his left hand to help his wife down the rest of the steps as the train came blaring into the station.

So he was left there. It was hot, but at least the dispatcher held the train in the station. The air from train was cooling some of the water off of him. The wetness was starting to mix with the red, diluting it as it spread across his body.

Suddenly, a girl in her twenties tore around the corner, swinging her bag with her as she pivoted and hurried down the steps not noticing the bright MetroCard innocuously lying there, worn out and wet. It was bleeding over the edge of the step. Both of her legs kicked up into the air as her right foot landed on the card and slid from under her—exaggerated like a 70’s cartoon with poor, disjointed animation. Both her arms went up over her head as she made a snow angel in mid-air before crashing back onto the steps in a horrific sprawl with her bag digging deeply into her armpit. She could feel the small, brown pools of water soaking into the back of her pants as she stared at the ceiling in a breathless daze.

“Doors closing.”

The dreaded operator-like voice.

The L was gone.

19 July 2006


I wail,

U.N.I.T.Y. ... U.N.I.T.Y., that's a unity. U.N.I.T.Y. ... U.N.I.T.Y., that's a unity.

17 July 2006

Confession IV, Redemption

(With a special accompanying traveler in mind...)

I, Bandwagon Blogger, do hereby VOW and MAKE KNOWN on this date of 17 july 2006 to IMPROVE my quality of life (pun intended) and to AMELIORATE all points of not only my life but the lives of those around me to ensure a happy, healthy, and cool afterlife. Because if it is this hot in hell, I won't make it past the gate.

Bandwagon Favorites, The Devil Wears Prada - Part Deux

While I liked the movie and spent most of the time enjoying the dialogue (um, okay, confession - I have seen it twice), I also spent a lot of time wondering if they just glued the shoes to Hathaway's feet. Because I live in New York... and I wear heels... and I can't run around like that, especially while carrying a ton of stuff. In fact, recently I have spent >=35% (that's at LEAST 35%) of my commute worrying about where I can find a phonebooth to [subtlely] change out of my flip-flops into heels to turn into Supergirl! on my way to work.

... Although please reference Bandwagon Bloopers, IV, Eat Dirt on 12 july to see consequences of wearing flip-flops in the rain. I am pleased to update that my Badge of Honor is now completely white in the middle with a fine, bright, dotted purple ring around it... and a pool of haphazard red around that.

Bandwagon Favorites, The Devil Wears Prada

Hardly a flick chick, The Devil Wears Prada is a terrific movie.

"I'm on this new diet right now. I don't eat anything at all. And just when I feel like I'm about to pass out, I eat a cube of cheese."

Inspired by the fact that I am starving my ass off right now... and will probably have a huge breakfast.

12 July 2006

Bandwagon Bloopers IV, Eat Dirt

So in the midst of the torrential downpours, I found myself lying on the ground in diseased waters after a slight mishap. I slípped. Luckily, I didn't have an umbrella with me so it didn't get in the way as I tried to quickly get up while carrying two large bags. My knee is pulsing and it makes me realize that perhaps the cement didn't cushion my fall as well as I had hoped. But again - I was lucky I didn't have an umbrella with me as it made me that much more agile.

Flight pattern

I think it is fair to suggest that folks purchase airplane tickets per pound. It really does make sense. Or per ounce of gregariousness. Same thing.

03 July 2006

Bandwagon Venting IV, Raising the Bar

I sat next to an overly obese woman en route to LAX from JFK the other day. So it was only a 5.5hr flight. No worries. Part of her was sneaking under the armrest like The Blob (classic movie) and I shamefully found myself pressing down [hard] on the armrest to keep it down each time she leaned over to play with her dog. Yes, she brought her dog on the plane with her as though she weren't already taking up all of aisle seat and aisle as it were. It had happened to some of my friends before so I was fearful I would run into a similar fate-- thankfully I did not, but what if she had posed the infamous question: "Would you mind if I were to put the armrest up?" Do you raise the bar or not?

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